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Adequate arrangements for gunny bags to be used in paddy purchase

Raipur: The state Government has been allowed to procure Paddy from PDS bags to meet the possible shortage of ghani bags for procurement of Paddy. For reimbursement of additional ani bags, permission has been granted for allotment and distribution of foodgrains for the month of February 2021 in January itself.

Instructions have been given to the food controllers and food officers of all the districts of the state to make available gunny bags of PDS for the purchase of paddy.

Chhattisgarh State Government Marketing Federation Nava Raipur has issued an order today and all district marketing officers of the state have been issued guidelines regarding use of gunny bags for paddy procurement in the Kharif marketing year 2020-21. As per the order, keeping in view the limited supply of new jute gunny bags from the Government of India for the purchase of paddy in the state, permission has been given to purchase paddy in the old jute gunny bags of the farmers.

Upon reviewing the gunny bags used in the paddy procurement so far, it has been found that despite the availability of miller, HDPE, PP and other gunny bags in the committees, paddy is being purchased in farmer gunny bags. All availlable gunny bags should be used 100 percent in the next week’s paddy purchase. There should not be any remaining new HDPE, PP gunny bag in the committees and godowns in the upcoming weekend.

The order also states that if the miller and HDPE, PP gunny bags available for paddy procurement to all the committees of all districts of the state are not used by them, then the remaining gunny bags will not be returned to them and the amount of the remaining gunny bags will be deducted from the respective committees. Instructions have also been given to make proposals regarding payment of old jute gunny bags made available by the farmers so far, so that farmers can be paid at the prescribed rate without any delay.

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