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Bird flu is treatable, Know how to avoid human transmission

After a long wait, corona vaccine has been introduced in the country. On the other side, bird flu is spreading in India. Hundreds of birds are being found dead in several states including Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala. They are falling from the sky to the ground and these symptoms are visible not in one bird, but in many species.

Doctors say that in the past few days, bird flu has been witnessing cases of bird flu in the state, so there is a lot of possibility that the virus enters the human body as well. bird flu can reach humans through air.

A few years ago, n1h1, the swine flu cases, had come in the same way, and it gradually took a terrible form. The flu commonly found in pigs had entered humans and then a large number of people were infected due to swine flu. A lot of people died due to this disease. There is a fear that if bird flu spreads to humans, it can prove to be very dangerous.

These may cause human transmission

  • By eating birds raw meat
  • Moving to areas infected with bird flu
  • Exposure to dead birds
  • from one Infected person to another

Doctors say that after being infected with bird flu, the person begins to show symptoms of Fever, cold, limbs aches, headache etc. In general, similar symptoms are seen in the patient in swine flu. If any person has such symptoms, he should consult the doctor immediately.

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