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Chief Minister enjoyed ‘Idhar ki Sabzi’ and ‘Dhenki’ rice

Raipur munaadi : Women of Self-Help Group in village Danikundi of Gaurela-Pendra-Marwahi district are earning nearly Rs 400 every day from milling of ‘Dhenki Rice’. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, during his recent visit to the district, enjoyed ‘Idhar ki Sabzi’ and ‘Dhenki’ rice. He loved the meal. Chief Minister praised it by saying that every household of the village should adopt this traditional method of ‘Dhenki’ rice production to earn additional income and to include nutritious rice in their diet.

CM visited the Dhenki Rice Processing Unit of Multipurpose Facility Cum Value Addition Centre and met the members of VanDhan women self-help groups engaged in processing work. Women members informed that presently they are milling the thick variety of rice with ‘Dhenki’. Forest Department procures paddy at 30-35 rs/kg and allot it for processing. After milling, the price of rice increases to Rs 60-65 per kg. Women are paid at the rate of Rs 10 per kg for rice milling and they also earn profit by selling hay. Every day women mill around 15-18 kg and they are also responsible for cleaning and packing.

70 families get employment from Dhenki Rice Processing

Nearly 70 families of Danikundi and nearby villages have got employment from Dhenki Processing Work. 20 women of VanDhan Women Self-Help Group are responsible for milling and packing works. Nearly 50 women are engaged in collecting paddy from villages and cleaning it. Processed rice is made available in the market by Forest committee at Rs 90 per kg. Profit earned from this is provided to self help group, paddy producing farmers and Forest Committee.

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