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family builds temple for beloved mother-in-law

Bilaspur : In a heart-warming tale of love towards family, eleven women from a joint family in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur district, constructed a temple for their beloved mother-in-law, who they looked up to as a deity.

Retired teacher Shivprasad Tamboli from Ratanpur in Bilaspur district, is the head of a 39-member joint family.

While the family has unending love for each other, all members credit Shivprasad’s deceased wife Gita Devi for their happiness, prosperity, and unity. Shivprasad says it is the good values and religious ethics that his wife passed down to the next generation, that has tied the family together.

Though Gita Devi had passed away 2010, the family still feels the loss, especially the eleven daughters-in-law. Gita had only three sons, but loved all the eleven daughters that were married into the family equally, never differentiating between her own daughter-in-law and those of her husband’s brothers.

At a time when popular media portrayed the relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law in negative light, it was Gita who passed down lessons of love, say her daughters-in-law.

It was this unending love for Gita that prompted her daughters-in-law to build a temple in her memory after she passed away. Ever since the temple was built in 2010, the women religiously worship the idol of their mother-in-law every day.

Gita Devi’s idol has been adorned with jewellery, and once every month, family members perform bhajan-kirtan at the temple.

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