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JPL tragedy: What is the truth of this accident? A shocking audio of the company official goes viral

Raigarh munaadi: the case of death of a labourer was reported in jindal Power Limited at Tamanar of raigarh. an accident occurred due to slab collapsed. But now the case has taken a new turn, When a shocking audio of a JPL official goes viral on social media.

According to information only three people were working at the spot of the accident. IN this accident one of whom died and 2 were injured. Let us say that the incident occurred when construction work was going on at JPL 600 MW power plant. But an audio in social media is going viral. IN which Jindal Power Limited official is Talking about burying someone’s corpse.

As viral audio in social media, a trade organization person called JPL officer to get information about the incident after jindal power crash. and then officer took the phone but did not immediately attend it. according to that audio he was telling another colleague to bury the corpses in the village.

Viral Audio

After the incident many people had said about the death of more people. but later the management and the police confirmed the death of a person named Saroj Rathiya father Azbar Rathiya, resident Bandpali, Dolesara. According to villagers the incident was so large and from their sound, dust and smoke were coming out for a long time.

when we talk to jpl officer DK Bhargav regarding this accident he said that it was not his voice. according to him he had not said anything like that.

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