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Malaria-free Bastar campaign becomes a major success in Chhattisgarh, 65 per cent malaria cases decreases as compared to September 2019 in Bastar division

Raipur Munaadi ।।

The Malaria-free Bastar campaign is emerging as a huge success in the Bastar division. There has been a decrease of 65.53 per cent in cases of malaria in September-2020 as compared to September-2019 in the division. A total of 4230 malaria cases were found in seven districts of the division last September, whereas, a total of 1458 cases have been reported in September this year.

Under the Malaria Free Bastar campaign, the first phase was conducted in January-February and the second phase in June-July this year . In the first phase, 64,646 people were found to be infected with malaria after testing positive and were fully treated, from the 14.06 lakh people who were tested. Within the second phase, the health department team examined 23.75 lakh people and provided immediate treatment to 30,076 people suffering from malaria amid the challenges faced by the spread of Covid-19.

Comparing with the cases of last year with reference to this year’s September, the impact of the malaria-free Bastar campaign affirmed the decrease of 75.2 per cent in Kanker district, 73.1 per cent in Kondagaon, 71.9 per cent in Sukma, 71.3 per cent in Bijapur, 57 per cent in Narayanpur, 54.7 per cent in Bastar and 54 per cent in Dantewada. While there were 491 cases of malaria in Kanker district last September, only 122 cases have been reported this year. This year 79 cases have been reported, compared to 294 cases in Kondagaon in last September, 135 compared to 480 in Sukma, 377 compared to 1314 in Bijapur, 141 compared to 328 in Narayanpur, 269 compared to 594 in Bastar and 335 cases of malaria have been reported in Dantewada, compared to 729 cases of malaria last year.

On the special initiative and appeal by the Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the Malaria Free Bastar Campaign has been extended as a mass campaign in the entire Bastar division. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, who visited Dantewada during the first phase of the campaign, administered the oath to the people to free Bastar from malaria in a public meeting.

Health Minister T.S. Singhdeo has been meeting the senior departmental officers and collectors of all the districts of Bastar, monitoring the campaign continuously and giving it necessary guidelines to ensure 100 per cent success.

As part of the Malaria Free Bastar Campaign, the health department team at both the stages has ensured, conducting the malaria screening of every person in the inaccessible and remote areas of Bastar surrounded by dense forests and mountains. Immediate treatment was provided when they were found to be malaria positive. Health workers were feeding the first dose to those found to be malaria positive to ensure complete treatment. The follow-up dose intake of the victims was monitored by local Mitannins. Empty Blister Packs were also stored after the victims had taken full doses of the drug.

During the campaign, a large number of people who were found to be malaria positive in Bastar division had no signs of malaria. Asymptomatic malaria causes anaemia and malnutrition. 57 per cent of asymptomatic cases were found to be malaria positive in the first phase and 60 per cent of people without symptoms in the second phase. The Malaria Free Bastar Campaign is also playing an important role in alleviating malaria along with anaemia and malnutrition.

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