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Politics begins in Chhattisgarh over Supreme court decision to form committee

Raipur munaadi: Farmers have been agitating for a long time over the three central government’s agricultural laws. The Supreme Court has set up a committee to look into the difficulties faced by the three laws. The committee will prepare its report with feedback from farmers and the government as directed by the Supreme Court.

Now, there is a political war in Chhattisgarh over the committee. The farmers are adamant on the demand to withdraw the law. The Chhattisgarh Congress took a rally till Raj Bhavan on the issue. Congress is demanding withdrawal of laws.

In the name of providing relief to farmers, the central government has enacted three agricultural laws. Farmers have been agitating for 50 days since the agricultural law came into being. The central government also banned farmers from entering Delhi. Not only that, the farmers were flooded with cold water showers. Stopped from coming to Delhi. Despite this, farmers across the country stand by the agitation.

Central government cheating farmers: Mohan Markam

There have also been talks of the central government and farmers. Despite this, no solution has been found so far. The Congress is demanding the central government to withdraw the law, but the BJP is counting the benefits of this law.

On the issue, advocate Iqbal Ahmad Rizvi said that there has been an intervention from the Supreme Court of the country. It is not correct to give it a political colour. However, a number of differences have been made public over the Supreme Court committee.

In Chhattisgarh, political developments on the agriculture law over the committee have intensified. On the one hand, farmers are adamant on the demand to withdraw the agricultural law.

Senior advocate Iqbal Ahmed Rizvi said that apart from the disputed people, a clean face should be included in the committee. So that farmers ‘ confidence in the Committee formed by the Supreme Court increased.

Neither the centre nor the farmer are in a mood to withdraw

There has been a long-running farmers’ agitation in Delhi. The Supreme Court has had to intervene to end the agitation. However, the Supreme Court committee has also come into controversies. A member of the committee has heard the decision to withdraw from his committee. The political war has intensified from the centre to the state.

The Chhattisgarh government has also made clear its intention to make a big protest against the central government. Farmers are also no longer in a mood to retreat. It will not be easy to give relief to the farmers. Now, what is the solution to the agricultural law.

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