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The Mountain of Sarguja, where Kalidas wrote stupendous creation “meghdootam”

Sarguja munaadi : Meghdootam is a great tribute to the richness of Indian classical poetry in general, and Kalidasa’s genius in particular, who is known as “Shakespeare of India”. The wonderful creation of Kalidas is world famous. Mahakavi Kalidas writes the love of a lover, the distraction of Pranoy and sends the message to the cloud as an messenger, than an epic like “Meghdootam” is created. Meghdootam is an indelible sign of the writings of Mahakavi Kalidas. He says that Kalidas had made this wonderful creation on Ramgarh Mountain in Sarguja.

India’s Shakespeare Kalidas’s

According to researchers the mountain of Ramgarh is the Ramgiri Mountain, which is mentioned in the epic Meghdootam. It is claimed that this is the mountain in which Kalidas sat and wrote letters on the cloud in the beloved Virah and sent him to Alkapuri. This was the day of the first day of the Aishadh month, the day when the rainy season is considered to be the beginning. When the dark black clouds are engulfed in the sky and then rain.

The story of meghdootam

Meghdootam has the story of a man who was expelled from Alkapuri and then made Ramgiri Mountain his hideout. As soon as the cloudy month came, he began to remember his girlfriend. The man, who was living alone in the jungle, did not find any message carriers, and the clouds were made messengers to send a love letter. Meghdootam has been popularity in Indian literature since ancient times. There have been Sanskrit poets who wrote many poetry inspired by Meghdootam. This page of the golden history of Sarguja is still unresolved. While the literary researchers claim that there is evidence of Meghdootam, no archaeological research has been done so far.

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The mega fair is held every year on the first day of Aishadh at Ramgarh Mountain in Udaipur Development Section of Sarguja district. In which poets and researchers from Sanskrit and Hindi come from all over the country. The research paper is also used on that day as a proof of Mahakavi Kalidas and Ramgarh. Various literary events are organized by the administration till 2 days.

Now, this mountain has also joined the Ram Vanman path because of the advent of Lord Rama and the government is going to develop it as a tourism, but the mountain itself has cherished such a great mystery of history, whose tales of greatness seem to be the world class.

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