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Ujjwala Home Case: TI Reveals ‘Operator Builds physical Relationship’

Bilaspur munaadi: A case like Muzaffarpur shelter home has been reported at a Ujjwala home in Bilaspur of Chhattisgarh. TI of Sarkanda Police station has revealed that the operator is accused of having a relationship with a woman. After a statement filed under 164 of the victims, Ujjwala Home operator Jitendra Maurya was arrested by the police and produced before the court.

TI unveils the truth

According to TI of Sarkanda police station area, the incident happened on January 17. The girls and women living in ujjwala homes had filed a report on assault and torture. In the initial investigation, the police had questioned the victims and took a statement.

In separate statements, he had given a written report against the employees of the Ujjwala home for abusive speech, assault and closure in the room. On which the crime was immediately registered in the police station. The aggrieved women had also made a written complaint against Ujjwala Home Counselor Neelam Pegs. The FIR was then lodged in the police station immediately.

Statement filed in court on January 21

Ti said that 164 statements were made in the court of the aggrieved women and young girls. 2 young women accused of molesting the operator and having a physical relationship. Based on this statement, the offence was immediately registered under sections 376 and 354. Director Jitendra Maurya was detained and interrogated.

On Friday, Jitendra Maurya was arrested and produced before the court. Action has been taken under the victims as reported. Action is being taken on the basis of what has come up by making a statement of 164.

operator’s own plea

The allegations of the victims have been dismissed by The Ujjwala Home operator Jitendra Maurya. The accused says he is being implicated under conspiracy. He was working in a service manner. The accused is also accusing the victims of the reverse.

Jeetendra Maurya says girls are changing statements. Something else is speaking before the police. Saying something else in front of the media.

What is Ujjwala Home?

Ujjwala Griha Yojana is a central government scheme. Under this scheme, children and women are protected from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The home provides for rehabilitation of such women, young girls and re-linking them to the society.

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